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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 17, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- hello, don lemon with you. breaking news in iraq. an american said to have been held captive for months has been handed over to the united nations office in baghdad. we have little information on this story. we are just getting some of the details coming in now. they are streaming in moment by moment. we are told the man was handed over to the u.n. by the movement led by the radical cleric al sadr. the man's name is randy michael,
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according to two leaders in al sadr's movement there. they say he was held for the past nine months and that he was, quote, captured in battles. u.s. officials have not confirmed this information. pentagon officials say there have been no active duty military personnel missing in iraq. it's an interesting story with lots of twists here. we are going to continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest information as it comes in to cnn. stay tuned. new details paint a very clear, much clearer picture of the soldier accused of a brutal massacre in afghanistan. the portrait of staff sergeant robert bales seems incomplete. it doesn't explain how or why a decorated combat veteran could carry out such a grisly rampage. dan simon is standing by for us outside lewis-mcchord where
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bales is stationed. we are starting to learn more about bales. what are you hearing? >> reporter: the focus is whether or not there were any clues or warning signs that may have caused bales to go on this unthinkable rampage. speculation is rampant he may have suffered deep emotional problems after having been decloied to four tours in battle, three in iraq and one in afghanistan. his newly-hired attorney tells cnn bales suffered a serious brain injury in 2010 when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. that lawyer says the day before the alleged rampage, bales watched a fellow soldier get severely injured. >> what i heard from the military lawyers who are working on this case with me, who i'm very impressed with, that another soldier at this base was brutally attacked the day before this incident and had his leg
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shot off in front of my client. >> reporter: the military moved bales and his wife -- moved bales' children and wife to a excluded home for their own protection and safety. he is a father of two. he put his home up for sale, which is about 20 minutes away from here, the day before the shooting. we spoke to several neighbors who live in that area. they describe him as a patriot and someone seemingly incapable of carrying out such carnage. >> i was completely blown away. i was devastated, heart broken. completely shocked. i would describe him, he was super fun to hang around with. kind of the life of the party kind of guy. super loving, friendly to everybody he met, great with his kids. i don't see how this has
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happened. >> reporter: in 2002, bales had a brush with the law when he was accused of assaulting an ex-girlfriend. according to the "wall street journal," that case was dismissed though after he underwent some anger management counseling. >> let's talk more about the procedure here. seeing him court the first time, when do you think that will happen? >> reporter: we are told he has to mays a magistrate some time in the next seven days. one thing worth pointing out here, bales joined the military shortly after 9/11. his wife was apparently upset he had not been promoted. we don't know if his wife will have the opportunity to see him in court. we know she was upset that he didn't get a higher ranking. she felt he had been slighted for all his years serving the military. he joined after 9/11. she was wanting to see the family relocate, maybe somewhere to hawaii or italy. obviously, that didn't happen. >> dan simon with the latest on
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this. thank you very much. i'm sure we'll be getting back to you. the killings stirred up a hornet's nest in afghanistan. victims' family members are pleading with the government. they aren't asking for compensation. as sara sidner explains, they aren't likely to get what they do want. >> reporter: family members of sunday's massacre and village elders from kandahar spoke to afghan parliamentarians today telling much of the same story they did to mr. karzai on friday. these family members are asking for justice. they don't want compensation, but would like to see the suspect tried right here in afghanistan. meantime, another protest broke out in jalalabad, the second one in a week. that protest where protestors were screaming "death to america," they asked the suspect be tried using islamic rule as opposed to what they call foreign justice. that is not likely to happen. the soldier has been sent back
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to the united states. there is an agreement between the u.s. and afghan government how to deal with cases such as these. there is something in place that governs that and the u.s. is going by that, which likely means that soldier will not be tried here. he will not be tried in the afghan judicial system. sara sidner, cnn, kabul, afghanistan. the republican presidential hopefuls are out and about own this st. patrick's day. rick santorum has seven events scheduled today across missouri and illinois. >> in the case, he gives away that issue. the bill for the model of obama care and advocated that at the federal level, then denied that he did it. not only was his policy bad, you can't trust him to tell the
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truth about what he advocated. >> mitt romney wrapped up a quick swing through puerto rico and headed for illinois. romney is optimistic about a win in tomorrow's puerto rico prime richlt illinois will hold its primary on tuesday. the uprising in syria strikes the capital of damascus or does it? two car bombs kill more than two dozen. some are saying the attacks may have been staged. also this hour -- >> he just said he shot him. yes, the person is dead. lying on the ground. oh, my god. >> a story we have been following. a teenager shot to death walking in a florida gated community. the admitted shooter, the head of a neighborhood watch program claims he did it in self-defense. do 911 calls back him up? y skin, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her
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violence struck the strong hold of syrian president's strong hold today. twin car bombs killed at least 27 people near government facilities in damascus according to state tv. the government says both bombs were the work of terrorists. the opposition activists insist the government planted the bombs to distract from the ongoing protests. at least 97 people were wounded. activists are describing an astrosity in homs last thursday. this video is very difficult to watch. they said they found 32 children and two women tortured and brutalized. one woman was so severely injured, at first activists
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believed she was dead. even the children were said to be tortured, beaten, fingsers cut off and some were shot. they were sent to clinics for treatment. half have been returned to relatives since most their parents were killed in the massacre in homs. cnn can't confirm the authenticity of this incident. go to cnn crews as they move around inside syria, a behind the scenes look at the excitement, dangers and heartbreak seen through the ice of the cnn journalists. airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on cnn. in pakistan, the president tried to give his annual speech to parliament today. his critics kept getting in the way. cries of "end the corruption" and "stop the lies" echoed through the chamber while he was at the podium. opposition law makers walked out.
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pakistan's parliament is getting ready to consider a measure outlining how the country will handle relations with the u.s. >> in england a soldier fainted in formation during a visit by the duchess of cambridge today. it was her first solo ceremony handing out shamrocks to the guards. it may take a while to live down the embarrassment he suffered there. convicted former nazi death camp guard demjanjuk is dead. he died in an elderly home in germany. last year he was found guilty of assisting in a mass murder in a death camp in poland. he was in the process of appealing that verdict. the man whose viral video made the uganda war lord a household name.
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yesterday witnesses saw jason russell naked on the sidewalk making bizarre motions. russell has been in the spotlight after his documenty kony 2012. received close to 80 million views. our affiliate describes what people saw russell doing. a warning, some of the language is graphic. >> this copy of the police department's computer dispatch log detail was witnesses were reporting regarding a white male in his 20s running around the street in his underwear. one person told officers he thinks the man must being on something. he is naked, masturbating and screaming. he is screaming, incoherent and stopping traffic. >> russell's family released this statement. "jason never had a substance abuse or drinking problem. this episode wasn't caused by either of those things, but yes, he did some irrational things brought on by extreme exhaustion
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we go a little more indepth of a tragedy at an afghan village. they are demanding the return of an american soldier accused of gunning down 16 civilians. reports say staff sergeant robert bales killed nine children, four women and three men. we don't know what was going through his mind as he allegedly slaughtered his victims, many while they were sleeping. we do know combat takes a toll on our military. those who don't see combat feel the impact of serving in the armed forces. dr. wendy walsh joins me now. i want you to tell me about this new research which suggests being in the military, any military, can change personalities. >> fascinating results.
2:18 pm
this from washington university in st. louis. a six-year study where they looked at personality types before entry and different stages along the six-year process. military training is one of the few things that can change permit. unfortunately, it makes them less agreeable. less cooperative. more perfectionist. can cause problems in their personal relationships or problems with co-workers. >> is that from the military? there are some types. there are types of people attracted to this lifestyle. some more aggressive personalities may already gravitate toward military service, maybe a police officer or something more aggressive profession. >> yes. it was clear that people who were attracted to that kind of service tended overall to be more aggressive and more competitive than others. that's different from this disagreeableness. they scored low on these charts. i have a very good friend and we joked for years, she is a former
2:19 pm
marine. i said you're such a perfectionist. she is usually right, by the way. she is great to hang out with. she'll make sure everybody is straight and in line, trust me. >> your kids and her kids are very good friends. >> we travel a lot and she keeps news line. >> a lot of people with military experience come back, they go on to become industry leaders or members of the congress. they don't have the same behavior as you see happening. take colin powell and how high he rose in government. >> here is the positive side of the personality change that happens through military service. because you're not worried about being agreeable, in business you're confidentable making unpopular decisions all in the name of business profitability. you don't have to worry about getting along. if you're a leader, you know how to lead. that's why so many great military veterans succeed so much in business.
2:20 pm
unfortunately, we are seeing more and more that it's affecting their private relationships. >> according to these researchers, how long can these effects last on a veteran? >> that's the question we don't know. this study lasts six years. there was follow-up for a few years later. the most amazing thing for psychologists here, they thought personality was fixed. you are who you are by the time you're a teenager except for some things that happen with aging brain. we are seeing an environmental experience like military training where they almost wipe the slate clean and tell you how to walk, talk, dress and behave can alter personality. >> dr. wendy, thanks as always. appreciate it. >> good to see you. a stunning new video of a tornado that destroyed an indiana town a couple of weeks ago. watch as it dismantled a high school gym. first, how is your ncaa tournament bracket?
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march madness. living up to the hype. two major upsets last night remind us why the ncaa basketball tournament is so much fun. could be a heartache to watch, as well. first, let's look at what happened earlier today. vice president joe biden was in the house when syracuse advanced as expected over eight seed kansas state. the orange, the number one seed in the east. last night made a mess of everyone's brackets, including mine. we'll talk with our very own fredricka whitfield. she stuck around to talk about brackets. i don't need mine any more. i'm done. >> you did have duke going all the way. sorry. >> are you laughing at me? >> no.
2:25 pm
my stuff is not impressive, but that's okay. >> would you like to look at the leaderboard? >> please. that's why i'm here. >> ms. baldwin is on top. ms. phillips is number two. are there any guys on here? randi, soledad, suzanne, i'm there. >> you're in the middle. >> john king, isn't he a big basketball guy? >> wolf blitzer is a big basketball guy. he's all about the nba. >> wolf was supposed to go to the washington wizards game but he didn't show up because it was his mom's birthday. where are you? >> i'm at the bottom. isn't that sad? i have potential to rise. >> what? >> i still have some teams in
2:26 pm
there who are still in play. like vanderbilt. >> there you go. who do you have to win? >> vanderbilt. i have marquette which is playing right now. marquette is still -- there is potential. while i'm at the bottom now, i have room to climb. >> how do you know that? >> i love potential. i know nothing about the game. i was talking philosophically. i'm about the climb. >> it's interesting. >> you had no potential. that is what your producer said in my ear. >> i know very little about the ncaa tournament. one of my producers jason reed, did he my brackets. guess what, jibe? >> you had help. >> you're in big trouble. say again, tom? >> mine is my creation. it's not impressive.
2:27 pm
>> tom did my bracket last year. he said i'm not doing it this year because you kept calling me out on the air. i hope you move on top of the leaderboard. >> i just might. >> you still have potential. fred will end up somewhere atop. good going there, miss balduan. >> all i can do is make my way up. >> you're a good sport. >> have fun. >> thanks for sticking around. >> thanks for having me. judg >> march madness is breaking out across the country. if you're away from the tv, you can catch all the action on madness. go to brackets or something like that. coming up, the latest effort by the obama administration to cool down the firestorm over contraception coverage. a network aimed for kids is
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headlines. the army has identified the soldier accused of the massacre of 16 civilians in afghanistan as staff sergeant robert bales. bales played football and graduated at a high school near cincinnati. records show he faced a criminal assault charge in 2002. he's been described as a loving husband and father. bales has been transferred to ft. leavenworth in kansas. afghans are demanding bales face justice in afghanistan. a united nations official is telling cnn an american said to have been held captive for months has been handed over to the united nations office in baghdad. we are told the man was handed over to the u.n. by the government by the movement led by the radical cleric al sadr. the man's name is randy michael and he was held for the past nine months and he was captured in battles. a pentagon official says there have been no act whyive duty military personnel missing in iraq.
2:32 pm
the obama administration is trying to defuse the controversy over its mandate over contraceptive coverage. under its rules, church-run hospitals, churches and charities won't have to pay for the coverage. the administrator of the policy will. students at religious universities can get free contraceptive coverage through their insurance providers. some indiana students are finding out just how lucky they are. this is an ef-4 tornado slamming right into their school. it happened about two weeks ago in henryville, indiana. watch how the tornado destroyed a front hallway. miracle that no one was hurt. 80 students and staff were there when this hit. jacqui jeras is here to talk about that and more. that is amazing. every week we see more and more coming out of this. luckily nobody was hurt.
2:33 pm
>> those students were released from the building, sent out in buses. the driver says we've got this warning. they brought them back to the school. to think all those kids were in there. parts of the school are safe and parts that rpt safe. gym equals unsafe. the larger the span the roof is, the more unsafe because there is more space and surface for winds to lift that off. if anybody had been in there, certainly they would have been hit by that debris. wind estimated around 170 miles per hour with that tornado. you can't see any rotation with these storms, but you can see how furious it is. just how strong those winds are. it's the debris that kills you in these significants. all this happened about 20 seconds. that was it. your life changes in an instant. >> what else weatherwise? >> we've got to watch out for
2:34 pm
the threat of severe weather. concerned about that. today the risk area small, just in the middle mississippi river valley. today we could see damaging winds around 60, 70 miles per hour. large hail with these thunderstorms. tomorrow our weather pattern changes significantly. we've got an upper level system that's coming in from the west. what's going to be happening is that heads toward the plain states, our winds will be turning with height and accelerating with height. that makes the atmosphere conditions favorable for more attorneys. it's a slow-moving system. sunday, monday, maybe beyond that we'll see active weather in the plains. >> be careful. thank you, jacqui. >> now to a case of an r-rated movie many kids say they need to see. "bully" is about its name. >> i feel nervous going to school. i like learning, but i have trouble making friends. >> reporter: he knows how hard
2:35 pm
it is to fit in. as a boy, the film maker says he was relentlessly beaten up and picked on. that's why he wanted to make a movie like "bully." >> for someone a victim of constant and frequent bully is akin to torture. you start to connect the suicides. >> reporter: hersh's fight to help 13 million kids hit a speed bump. >> we were given an r rating which is a total blow. it's simply not an a film. >> reporter: the mpaa's r-rating is for racy language. the group says, "we are parents who ask ourselves the same important question during every screening, what would you want to know about this film before i allow my child to see it?" this is contact katie butler wants parents to know. >> if kids see this movie, it could save their lives. >> the michigan teen who says she was tormented for being gay
2:36 pm
started a petition on to have the "rfrp" changed to pg-13. >> the kids being bullied needs to see it. it lets them know they're not alone. the kids who are the bullies need to see the movie because they can see the direct rep cushions of their actions. >> reporter: more than 300,000 people, parents, teachers, pastors, even 19 members of congress have signed in support, as well as a growing list of pop culture icons, including justin bieber, allen degeneres and drew brees. >> it's so tragic to see some of our young people taking their own life because their self-esteem was beat down by bullies. >> a boy 11 years old, believed to have been desperate enough to take his own life. >> this is what people say. kids need to see it. >> reporter: for children who have seen the film, hersh says the response has been remarkable. >> we had thousands of kids
2:37 pm
writing in. this movie has given them confidence and made them feel like they belong and they're not alone. on the flip side, there's been lots of kids that have written in and said i am stepping up to bullying. >> reporter: the movie is stepping up against the mpaa, hosting a screening for members of congress and hoping to clear a path to the film for teenage viewers before it hits theaters on march 30th. >> all it takes is for one person to stabbed up. the cartoon network has its own initiative that targets bullying. it's called "stop bullying, speak up." it airs 5:30 p.m. eastern on the cartoon network. on wednesday there was a screening in washington, d.c. i got to moderate that with human services secretary
2:38 pm
kathleen sebelius. tomorrow 5:30 eastern on the cartoon network. stop bullying, speak up. up next, a young teenager shot to death while walking in a gated florida community. the admitted shooter claims he did it in self-defense. >> he just said he shot him. yes, the person is dead raying on the grass. oh, my god. >> that is one of several 911 calls just released. do they back up the shooter's story? talking about this story with holly hughes. first -- the cost of going to college keeps rising with student loan debt. people are starting to wonder if college is worth the money. christine romans takes a look at it. >> you can't afford to go to college, but can't afford not too. a pew research center study finds typical college graduates made $650,000 more over their
2:39 pm
working lives than peers who only finished high school. a college degree, bachelor's degree or higher has an unemployment rate of 4.2%, half of high school grads. ali velshi is host of cnn's "your money." >> how do we make college more affordable? >> the only way to do that because we don't have the money to buy all the college education we need is to urge people to know what the joutcome will be, whether the degree will get them a job or not. >> the degree is stem, science, technology, engineering and math. >> there are some exceptions to that. there are degrees that will get you employed, but won't pay very much. to some that's okay. the mistake to not make is going for something that is not going to get you a jb and not pay well
2:40 pm
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review of the 911 tapes tells the story of a killing in a florida neighborhood everybody considered safe and secure. the victim a teenager. the admitted shooter, a neighborhood watch captain. david mattingly has more on this story. >> i just heard a shot behind my house. >> reporter: shock, confusion and fear. you can hear it in the voice of every caller in the final moments of trayvon martin's young life. >> he shot him dead. the person is dead laying on the grass. >> reporter: seven 911 calls in all, beginning with this one from neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman. that's zimmerman's first impression watching trayvon martin walking alone acting trainingly. >> this guy looks like he's up
2:44 pm
to no good or on drugs or something. >> reporter: zimmerman says martin comes toward him. >> something's wrong with him. yelp. he's coming to check me out. he's got something in his hands. i don't know what his deal is. >> reporter: less than a minute later, ma are the-in is running away. zimmerman gets out of his car. >> are you following him? we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: then there is another call. in the background, listen for the sound of a fight and a panicked voice yelling for help. >> is it a male or female? >> it sounds like a male. >> you don't know why? >> i don't know why. i think they're yelling help. i don't know. send someone quick, please. god. >> reporter: ten seconds later the shrieking continues, then a
2:45 pm
gun shot. >> there's gun shots. >> you just heard gun shots? >> yes. >> how many? >> just one. >> reporter: the identity of the person pleading for help is in dispute, as well as the number of gun shots. there is no doubt the calls captured sounds of a deadly end to a tragic encounter. david mattingly, cnn atlanta. it is a tragic story. we are going to look into the shooting more from a legal perspective now. criminal defense attorney holly hughes is here. you heard the 911 tapes. has it changed your mind on what's happening here? >> no. it gets me more revved up. i don't know why this man has not been arrested. >> that's the first thing you said, why hasn't he been arrested. >> i'm a defense attorney now. i can look at a situation and
2:46 pm
say every report that's come out has told us this young man was unarmed. we hear the tapes. what do the police dispatchers say to george zimmerman? do not follow him. we don't need you to do that. he's given strict instructions to stop following this young man. leave him alone. police will investigate. instead, he continues to follow him and this poor child ends up dead. >> everyone is saying, we don't know who it is on the 911 call who is screaming for help. after the shots, there are no more cries for help. >> ask yourself this. one guy's got a gun and one guy doesn't have a gun. >> a bag of skittles. >> this young man goes to the store to buy skittles for his little brother? next thing we know he's shot dead because he looks suspicious. what does that mean really? >> you worked these cases. why hasn't he been arrested? >> i would love to know. i have no idea. i can't not think of why he has not been arrested.
2:47 pm
typically, sometimes if it's a whodunnit, you don't want to arrest too fast because of a speedy trial demand. >> you think there is something fishy about it? one was armed, one wasn't. is there something fishy going on? >> it doesn't pass the smell test. this is the same man, mind you, the defendant i'm talking about, zimmerman, who had charges against him dropped when he committed violence against the police. he knows somebody. >> he had a gun and none of this would have happened if he had not approached trayvon martin. you said he was told by the 911 operator not to approach. how much will that play into it. >> it goes to intent. every crime you have to have an action and intention. this shows the intent of zimmerman, the defendant. the shooter. he's not a defendant yet, excuse
2:48 pm
me. i misspoke. he should be a defendant. that shows you his intent. he was looking for a fight. he went after this young man even after the 911 dispatch said do not follow him. >> the poor family, i saw them on cnn this weekend. it's heartbreaking. >> it is heartbreaking. >> let's hope they get to the bottom of this. thank you, holly. >> thank you. >> just ahead, an amazing story of self-sacrifice. a star player nearly lost his chance at a baseball career when a sear you use illness threatened his life. turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not...that... we'd ever brag about it... turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how did that get there?
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kevin jordan's college baseball career is finally on track, after a serious illness nearly derailed his dream. his passion for baseball started with t-ball and it only grew from there. >> i can't remember a summer where i wasn't playing baseball the whole time. >> he played the outfield, was a high school standout, and was being heavily recruited by wake forest coach tom walter. he was even drafted by the new york yankees in the 19th round. jordan chose the demon deacons. before he could make it to college something went wrong. >> i got sick and tired and felt like i was out of shape and
2:52 pm
there would be no reason for me to be out of shape. i kept playing through it. >> reporter: "it" was anc anca vasculitis. it's rare, and can affect any part of the body. he just started his freshman year and says there were good days and bad with. >> i was out on the field the days i did feel good and days where i didn't feel good and stayed in my bed, went to class, came back. >> reporter: he was very sick, away from them to and now starting dialysis. >> i was on ten hours at night and i had to carry the fluid throughout the day as i went to classes, and drain at lunch. >> reporter: it got worse. jordan needed a kidney transplant, and no one in his family was a match. so coach walter stepped up. volunteering to get tested after sitting in on a doctor's visit and hearing jordan's prognosis. walter got tested without kevin's knowledge, and found he was a match.
2:53 pm
>> i called k.j. and i said, you know, what are you doing february 7 senator and he said, his calendar was free, and i said well i'll meet you at henry hospital and we'll get this thing done. >> left fielder number 21, kevin jordan. >> reporter: that was a year ago. the surgery was a success. thanks to his coach, jordan was fully cleared to play, and started in this year's season opener. able to play the game he loves, and setting his sights on the pros once again. >> just try to take it day by day. don't let anything take you away from your dream. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> thank you, dr. gupta. a pub, a party and an ice cold guinness. everybody's feeling a little irish today, even the president. we'll tell you how he avoided getting pinched. . so to make sure people get every word of the geico savings message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan.
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to 4. they have coloring, reading, starting five days a week. we started in 2007. currently we have 40 children living out here, mostly above 6 years old. i don't get a day off, but i never get tired. the children all call me mamu. it's a big family with lots and lots of love. ♪ when i started this organization, i was 21 years old. people thought i was crazy. but this is what i wanted in my life. i'm giving them what a normal child should have. i want to fulfill all their dreams. >> thank you. >> and remember cnn heroes all chosen from people you tell us about. if you know someone like pushpa basnet making a difference go to cnnhee
2:59 pm your nomination could help them help others. we want to check headlines, the army sergeant accused of the civilian massacre at afghan woke up in prison at ft. leavenworth, kansas. he's accused of killing 16 men, women and children in a remote afghan village a week ago. today protesters took to the streets in afghanistan, angers that bales has been taken out of the country. they want him tried there by islamic law. the united nations official is telling cnn an american said to have been held captive for months has been handed over to the u.n. office in baghdad and we're told the man was handed over by the movement red by radical cleric muqtada al sadr. they say the man is randy michael and the pentagon official says there's been no active duty military personnel in iraq. president oba